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John Paul II, I believe in his doctoral dissertation on John of the Cross, tries to express the distinction between faith and belief. We can believe in something, but that will not cause us necessarily to be moved into action. Faith on the contrary, will always lead us to act. For example the bible relates that the “devil believes and shudders”, but the devil has lost all confidence in God and places no trust in Him. In other words, the devil believes in God, but has no faith in Him. Many in our world believe in God but also put no trust in Him. Many people also seem to believe in a God that does not in reality exist. They understand God as being vengeful and merely a master that demands submission of His subjects. I believe it was Bishop Fulton Sheen who remarked, “hundreds of thousands hate the Catholic Church, but less than a hundred know what they hate”. Those who do know what they hate, have themselves been so blinded by hatred, they recognize that the Church is truly the enemy of oppression and slavery. Those enemies of goodness will always hate the Church. God, the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit has perfect love for all creation. While evil and its agents strive for death, emptiness and destruction, the God and His agents strive for life, fullness and meaning.

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